Solar Air Conditioning

Introducing highly energy efficient solar air conditioning from Blue Star

Blue Star is proud to introduce state-of-the-art solar air conditioning solutions to the wider Indian market – technology that can save up to 85% power as compared to conventional air conditioning systems.

Conventional solar photovoltaic systems use light from the sun to generate electricity which is used to run the AC system. Blue Star’s new range of solar thermal systems tap the heat from the sun and use it directly in the air conditioning cycle, thus consuming less power than needed by conventional systems and dramatically increasing energy efficiency.

Blue Star’s solar air conditioning systems also use sophisticated solar heat collectors that are specially engineered to work even in diffused or non-incident sunlight. Their unique design allows them to absorb thermal heat through all three processes – conduction, convection and radiation – thus making them effective all year round, unlike photovoltaic cells that are effective only when the sun is out.

What’s more, Blue Star’s solar air conditioning systems are extremely eco-friendly, not just because they use renewable energy but also because water is used as the refrigerant in this technology, thus considerably reducing the carbon footprint of the plant.

The high-temperature steam and water generated while using this technology is also of great utility to most applications. Using solar power in such an energy efficient way is very useful in various industries including automobile, textile, dairy, solar cooking and healthcare. Hot water generated can also be used extensively in baths, kitchens, laboratories, raw material treatment plants, and production lines.

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning technology taps the heat energy from the sun and uses this energy within the air conditioning cycle to replace power-hungry compressors by simple pumps, saving as much as 85 percent on power costs in the process.

This state-of-the-art technology is rapidly becoming popular the world over and is most suited for use along with Vapour Absorption and Adsorption Chillers. Vapour Absorption / Vapour Adsorption Chillers use this heat as input energy to generate chilled water for air conditioning.

World-class technology backed by world-class engineering

Blue Star is India’s leading HVAC company. For over 75 years, Blue Star has been the pioneer in introducing innovative HVAC solutions to Indian industry. Solutions that continuously set new benchmarks in performance, efficiency and user-friendliness.

Blue Star is also a market leader in MEP projects. The Company’s potent blend of technical know-how, talented workforce, design expertise, exceptional project execution capabilities and global footprint makes it the preferred choice for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing and Fire-fighting (MEP) projects. Several prominent landmarks across India and in a growing number of countries across the world stand testimony to Blue Star’s superior project delivery.

Blue Star has now entered into a long-term strategic alliance with VSM Solar, India, which is a Joint Venture between VSM India and Fraunhofer, Germany – world leaders in solar air conditioning technology.

This synergistic agreement combines cutting-edge technology from Fraunhofer and experience in multiple solar air conditioning projects from VSM with Blue Star’s decades of expertise in the field of design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of high-value air conditioning plants to offer proven and reliable central solar air conditioning solutions in a wide range of capacities from 50 to 1000TR.

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